Home, I Want You Back

Home, I Want You Back

I love the New York of Cities. I really, really do. It's the first place outside of home that I feel at home. But New York, you are not my girl, the District of Columbias. You just aren't. And so, Washington DC, I'd like you to read this love letter, reconsider letting me back into your life. Because I am coming for you girl. I want you back.Dear DC,

Hey girl. How have you been? I've been thinking about you a lot lately. Especially now because it's Fall. Nobody does Fall like you do, slow and steady, giving me time to prepare for the impending cold. You always looked so good in your oranges, and reds, and bright golds as we'd walk from Potomac Ave to the theatre where you'd drop me off for work. I liked when you'd give me a little extra time to stop into Lincoln Waffle Shop for a bacon-egg-and-cheese with a side of scrapple. You know how much I fucking love scrapple.

Do you maybe wanna go out, just for the day? I'd like to take you to E St Cinema to catch a foreign film and ponder how the hell this place is open because NO ONE IS EVER THERE. And hey, if you wanna be outside, let's walk the mall, or ice skate at the sculpture garden? They'll be too many damn kids there, but I'll body check them for you girl, get them out of your way. Then let's sit in the atrium at the Portrait Gallery after...eat soup and talk quiet and watch the sun set through the glass ceiling? You down?

If you wanna chill into the evening, for old time's sake, let's go to Stoney's for a bud lite lime and a grilled cheese with bacon. I hope we get an angry Eastern European waitress who throws saucy glares for no reason so we can laugh about it on our walk to Mr. Yogato to cap off our meal. Girl, I don't even care, I will order like Bill Cosby AND get a damn stamp on my forehead just for the measly 5% discount, and to keep you laughing. What's the trivia question today? I'll try that too.

Hey, also, it's Thursday so I just got paid and I feel like a mill-trillionaire. Howsabout a bougie night after work at Poste? We can sit outside under the heat lamps, wrapped in those fur blankets, drinking that rosé you proclaim every time, "has changed your life." We can even pretend we're staying at the Hotel Monaco, just two brilliantly attractive lobbyists having a torrid love affair? Maybe play a little Scandal??

...okay okay sorry that was too far. I don't mean to be forward. I just, want to spend a day with you. I wanna wake up on a Saturday and stop at Jimmy T's for pumpkin pancakes and cheesy bacon grits and drink all the cups of coffee. I wanna walk down East Capitol to point out the row houses we should live in someday and stop by Eastern Market so you can spend hours looking at EVERY jewelry stand, and yet, buy nothing. I want that perfectly crafted cappuccino from Pound and I want to people watch while we drink them, making up strangers' names and back stories. I want a midday nap, I want to grill something for dinner we bought from Mel's, and then I want to take you to Tunni's for many a bourbon drink from that bartender with the lazy eye! Because, girl, you are my home and I wanna treat you right! Say the word: I'm all in.



Ps- I love your clean, clean metro more than all the things. Keep it up.